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Long Taper 19 Magnum

Needles on Bar
  • 25 needles per box
Long Taper 19 Magnum
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Another amazing long taper offering, these big brothers let you get that big bodywork done without overworking yourself. And with their solder pulled back, they let the skin breathe and reduce trauma while working at record pace. Great for color as well as solid black- boom.

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality
Most consistent mags I've ever

Posted by Melina K. on Oct 14th 2016

Most consistent mags I've ever used. Super smooth back and grey to saturated black everything goes in effortlessly and heals perfect.


Posted by Chad C. on Sep 24th 2016

Super sharp, rigid needles on a rigid bar makes for smooth, precision application of color or B&G with very low trauma resulting a quick heal time with very little scabbing

Game changers

Posted by Mike H. on Sep 23rd 2016

All of the needle groupings I have purchased are outstanding. From the solder to the quality and durability to the pins. Can't ever go back to using anything else. I especially love the straight 4s and Hollow6s. And the 11med tapered mags. Some of my favorites.
Thanks guys for the great products
Respectfully Mike


Posted by Michael H. on Sep 23rd 2016

I am a convert and will not be purchasing any other needle at this time. The 3 tight liner is now my favorite needle of yours. I also use the hollow 8 and 15 mag. I am sold!!!! Thanks for making this amazing product. Cheers!!!!

Long taper mags

Posted by Dustin W. on Sep 23rd 2016

They have been working out great…

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