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Long Taper 5 Magnum

  • 50 needles per box

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Great needle for small black and grey jobs, or super smooth color shading. These are textured needles, so they will do both black and grey and color, but are more mellow and less aggressive than our standard taper magnums.

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality
Great :+1:

Posted by Edgar L. on Jan 13th 2019

Great needles. Always recommended.

Long taper 7magmum

Posted by Brian H. on Jan 12th 2019

So good for soft color and black & gray!

Best long taper mags

Posted by Mariano G. on Dec 25th 2018

I love the smooth transitions I get with black and gray with these long tapered mags there hands down the best for me!!

Love the mags!

Posted by Kory W. on Nov 21st 2018

My biggest complaint is almost everything I use you have been out of stock for months. Had to buy from another supplier. I would rather use only your needles. Love your product

Consistency consistency consistency

Posted by Jeremiah L. on Nov 8th 2018

I have not come across a needle company that even compares to the consistency I have found in Black Claw’s needles. I highly recommend their long taper 11 magnums which can truly do it all. Smooth fades to packing color these are my go to groupings. Thank you for continually providing a product we can trust!


Posted by Christel P. on Nov 3rd 2018

Just switched from medium to long tapers and the blending and softness is incredible.

Most consistent

Posted by Jose T. on Oct 28th 2018

Most consistent needles I’ve ever used.

Long Taper Mags

Posted by Robert D. on Oct 27th 2018

Super smooth!! Hands down the best.


Posted by Shanty J. on Oct 22nd 2018

These are some of the best around

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