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Tight 7 Liner

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  • Full Pack - 50 needles per box
Tight 7 Liner
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Standard #12 needles pulled tight to give great, clean lines but not so tight that they are damaging the skin or not carrying great ink. Great needle for larger illustrative work, tighter japanese details, and the smaller line weights for large work.

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality
Perfect needle.

Posted by Daniel M. on Jan 17th 2019

Perfect. Enough said!

Tight 5 liners!!!

Posted by Greg L. on Jan 14th 2019

Simply perfection!

Buy buy buy

Posted by Cameron K. on Jan 13th 2019

Tight 7s are the way to go for a fine line. Good for detail and script.

Tight 3 liners

Posted by Meagan B. on Jan 10th 2019

Always pulls a silky smooth tight line :)

Black claws!!

Posted by Dereck G. on Jan 9th 2019

Black claws!!

Hands down the best.. always

Posted by Cory W. on Jan 8th 2019

Consistently amazing product. Can’t go back once you go black.

Best tools for the job

Posted by Tan V. on Dec 30th 2018

The only needle & tubes I use anymore. Nuff said!

Love the consistency and quality

Posted by Michael Q. on Dec 30th 2018

Love the consistency and quality

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