Real Steel 7 Round Disposable Tube

Real Steel 7 Round Disposable Tube
Reviews [195]
  • Doesn’t flex like plastic tubes
  • 1/2mm thin wall design provides unmatched precision, feels like the needle is directly connected to your hand
  • Molded cork grip helps absorb vibration and serves as a renewable resource over plastic.
  • Includes a cork shelf off the back end for additional hand support. It serves to bridge the gap between grip and machine, providing comfort & control, keeping the weight more forward with less effort exerted to keep the machine balanced.
  • Shelf is pre-cut for easy removal, should it not sit well on your machine, which occured with some rotaries we tested.
  • Memory foam grips provide unmatched comfort and will not become slippery when wet.
  • We have designed the tubes to err on the larger side of fitting the corresponding grouping as we feel ink flow is paramount.
Best tubes

Posted by Tan V. on Dec 2nd 2018

The extra length of cork tubing along the bottom has become essential. Saves my wrists from fatigue, smart engineering!

The best tubes ever.

Posted by Ron A. on Nov 26th 2018

I can’t get over how comfortable these tubes are. The size, weight and grip is wonderful. I’ll never go back to plastic ever again.

Like them...don’t love them.

Posted by Russell H. on Nov 25th 2018

Overall...I really enjoy your tubes. Especially when using my Dan Kubin sidewinder V5. But, half of them get separated from the cork as I am doing my set-up. The tube starts slipping out of its position as I slide it through the machine. As you can imagine, that can cause some minor and major issues if I try to still use it. I obviously don’t know if y’all have heard this complaint before...but, finding a better way for the tube to be connected to the cork grip, would be ideal...cause when one stay intact, MAN do I love your tubes. It just happens too frequently for me to really rely on them.

Great tubes

Posted by Sean D. on Nov 21st 2018

Feel of steel, but much lighter. Plus you can fit the 18rl needles in them.

Best needles out there

Posted by Matt T. on Nov 19th 2018

Nice thick needle bar ensures accuracy and precision lines. Nice solder, never got a bad one. Black Claw forever!

Worth the money.

Posted by Wil S. on Nov 19th 2018

Really great tubes, incredibly consistent. Feels very good in my hand and ink flow is super smooth. Highly recommend.

Love these tubes!

Posted by Andy W. on Nov 19th 2018

Love these tubes! Feels great in the hand, my machines run a volt lower compared to the plastic ones, definitely buying again! The only negative I noticed was my machine seemed twice as loud, which is a positive if you have an annoying client,

9 round liner tubes.

Posted by Christopher S. on Nov 14th 2018

These tubes are great!! No complaints at all. Now just to figure out how we can recycle these after disposing them.

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