The Black Claw Mission is to promote and protect tattooing through a dedication to the highest quality, innovation and sustainability.
Black Claw was founded by life-long tattooer, Grime, who has nearly 30 years of experience working as an innovator in tattooing. From the beginning, the goal was to create tattoo supplies that had the quality and innovation that he himself wanted and needed. He continues this tradition today, with Black Claw leading the industry through this leadership and vision. It's Grime's dedication to the craft, passion for innovation, and decades of traveling the world working alongside the highest-level artists which separates Black Claw from all other tattoo suppliers, many of whom have never so much as gotten a tattoo, let alone applied one.

We stand for 3 Core Principals

For Tattooers, By Tattooers

Thanks to Grime, Black Claw is tattooer owned and run and when you see this badge, you know we mean no bullshit. We create products we need and use, just like you do.

Industry Leading Quality

As the first tattoo supplier to exclusively use 316L steel, the highest quality steel for our needles, and to introduce continuous lead content testing, we pride ourselves on industry leading quality. We continue to push our quality and innovation standards, ensuring we and you are tattooing with the world's best supplies.

Sustainability Through Innovation

We care about our tattoo community and our environment. That's why we are constantly innovating to produce products and packaging that reduce plastic and waste. Black Claw is the first and only supply company to eliminate plastic waste from all of our packaging, and to introduce the industry's only 100% biodegradable cartridge.

The Future

Following Grime’s vision, Black Claw pushes the tattoo industry forward, developing new products focused on making the process of tattooing safer, easier, more efficient and more sustainable. He personally designs, tests and approves each product to his exact specifications. He and the Black Claw team then communicate with peers for input and apply this invaluable collective feedback to each and every product Black Claw creates.” From the unprecedented quality control process within the factory to the continuously stringent lab testing, Black Claw continues to raise the bar, regularly introducing new standards to the trade.