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Medium Taper 19 Curved Magnum

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  • 25 needles per box

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Medium Taper 19 Curved Magnum
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One of my favorite groupings- small enough to really move around yet offering a large enough spread that unfinished color areas disappear before your eyes. Tired of the impossible stretch necessary to get the lower ribs saturated? Let these curved mags help take some of the work out of your elbow. These are also often a cure for a machine spitting when working on softer areas of the body.

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality
Fukin gooooood

Posted by Daniel H. on Nov 19th 2018

Fukin gooooood

Best needles !

Posted by Julia G. on Oct 16th 2018

I love black claw needles !


Posted by Nicholas H. on Oct 4th 2018

Reeeaaaalll smooth

Medium taper curved mags

Posted by Kenny J. on Sep 26th 2018

These needles are definitely the best things I’ve ever used packs like nothing I’ve ever used before hands down don’t want to ever use anything else again


Posted by Kyle M. on Sep 19th 2018

After many years of making my own, buying needles from one place or another my search is finally over. Blackclaw is consistently flawless and shows the true craftsmanship of Grime and Seth. Thank you gentlemen.

Best needles in the business!

Posted by Neil R. on Sep 18th 2018

Best needles in the business!


Posted by Kevin G. on Sep 11th 2018

Awesome for color packing

Work well

Posted by Sebastian C. on Aug 28th 2018

I use them constantly, happy with them

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