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Loose 5 Hybrid

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  • Full Pack - 50 needles per box
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Loose 5 Hybrid
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Our Loose Hybrids feature a medium taper, textured shader style pin, making them unlike a traditional polished pin liner.  The solder is pulled way back making them part shader, part liner, depending on your preference.  They can be used for lining, but they are a very aggressive needle and we recommend using a machine that runs more like a shader than a zippy liner.  They also excel at color packing smaller areas and adding touches of detail in ways a magnum simply cannot do.  Up your tat game by adding them to the arsenal and expand your looks with a new tool.

Signature 316L steel needles
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Loose hybrids

Posted by Clayton M. on Sep 9th 2018

Love these needles, they leave such a nice consistent bold line. I find they are a little gentler than tradional hollows! My go to for thick lines!! Thanks for the quality product!

Loose hybrids

Posted by Jennifer B. on Sep 2nd 2018

Honestly, I think I’ll stick with the straight 7’s. More consistent for me than the loose 5’s.

Exactly as advertised

Posted by Simon B. on Aug 28th 2018

Couldn’t be happier to get a product that is versatile and does exactly what they’re said to do. When I need t pull a traditional line or fill those little spots these do just that.

Great universal needle. I use

Posted by Aaron C. on Aug 12th 2018

Great universal needle. I use these for lining grey shading, and color packing.

Everything works fucking great!

Posted by Harley M. on Aug 9th 2018

Everything works fucking great!

Very nice

Posted by John F. on Jul 19th 2018

Very nice

Hybrid liners

Posted by Brian G. on Jul 12th 2018

Love the hybrid , using them all the time and definitely makes little areas of fill go super easy and clean !!!!

Finally someone cares

Posted by Django P. on Jun 20th 2018

Using these makes me feel better as a person somehow. Perfect for shading those troublesome “perfect” small tattoos!

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