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Hella Fine 3 Liner Cartridge

  • Full Pack - 20 cartridges per box
Hella Fine 3 Liner Cartridge
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Ok, I may have been untruthful when I claimed our Hella Tite 3 were almost like a single, because if that's true, our new Hella Fine 3 are a half single. These are the smallest and finest tight 3 I've ever used, seen, or heard of. They are insanely tight; to the naked eye they look like a single in the packs. These will give you the ultimate tight line when you need that line weight a hair bigger than an actual single, delivering more pigment but resisting blowouts. Looking for next level detail work? Grab some of these and rock em!

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality
Amazing replacement for single

Posted by Jessa Saunders on Feb 11th 2021

I’ve always had a problem with single needles spitting and having less control. Now using hella fine 3 has changed up my tattoo game and make it so much easier to pull a super fine line. Will always be purchasing these needles! ☺️

The best in every way

Posted by Zak Elliott on Oct 28th 2020

Always delivered so quickly, consistent quality, efficient packaging. You can tell that the people who made these products use them and love what they’re doing. I’m so happy I found this company and I’ll use it forever.


Posted by Anthony Cicero on Oct 8th 2020

I've been using a different brand pretty much my entire career when cartridges were released. Since using these as my daily use, I am blown away by the difference in feel alone. The consistency of the line thats pulled with a Hella Tight 3RL makes fine line details hella fun. Great product.

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