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In Volume II of the AFTERLIFE series we are proud to feature Chris Garver and HORITOMO! Again Two tattooers whose influence and dedication have changed the face of the modern Tattoo world.

With Volume Two we wanted to push the boundaries of what we felt was successful with the first book. We think we were able to deliver something here that has never been seen before. We went even more in depth than the previous book and also added an extra 100 pages to the mix! This book is HUGE, coming in at around 500 pages of interviews and photos of every stage of these amazing artists work.

When reading through this its hard not to think that this book can change the way you tattoo. Both Artists have gone above and beyond in their willingness to share how and why they do things the way they do. By letting us photograph their sketchbooks, drawings, tracings, color studies and so forth, you really can get a full grasp of hoe much work and effort goes into every tattoo and decision they make.

AFTERLIFE aims to present a massive amount of new and never before seen work from the artists we feature. Its hard in this day and age to keep everything from the internet, but we have done our best to curate and compile a huge chunk of new work from these amazing individuals.

Over the last couple years we have had the chance to sit down multiple times with the artists for in-depth interviews, and a look into their artwork, practices, and lives. Afterlife has a high focus on art and the work behind the finished product of each tattoo.