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Tight Liner Collection

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Doing a convention and not sure what amazing Black Claw grouping you'll need? We got it! The shop you're gonna guest spot is still buying needles from the parasitic non-tattooing and non-tattooed ex-whatever professional?! We hear ya- get a few boxes sent to them and have all your favorite groupings at your ready for a minimum cost and maximum convenience. #welovetattooing and we know you do too.

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality
Tight liner check llection

Posted by Erick C. on Jan 17th 2019

True precision these needles are a game changer. I found my default collection, Helped to make my lines crisper and allowed me to hit my detail lines with ease and confidence.

Tight Liner Collection

Posted by Benjamin N. on Jun 27th 2018

I really like all the groupings, especially the hella fine 3. but I use a lot of single needle and I couldn't get ink to flow consistently with your single needles. may have to do with the taper? great needles all around!

Needless • Hella Tight

Posted by Deborah M. on Jun 4th 2018

Love them. Want to orden more.

Great way to sample the tight liners

Posted by Logan B. on Apr 20th 2018

Fantastic needles. The tight liners are great and I’ll be ordering full boxes when I’m through with this collection.

Best needles ever!!

Posted by Katarina J. on Apr 20th 2018

So clean and tight! Makes tattooing so much easier

True believer

Posted by Oswald P. on Dec 26th 2017

I was blown away by how awesome these needles were. Since the beginning of my career I've been using needles from another

Lovely assortment!

Posted by Britt S. on Dec 20th 2017

Lovely assortment!

Every grouping is perfect

Posted by Christopher A. on Nov 26th 2017

Crisp, dense lines without stressing over blowouts. A really versatile box; great to try out some new groupings, or to travel with.

Love everything about them. From

Posted by Simon B. on Nov 26th 2017

Love everything about them. From quality to packaging, 5 stars

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