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Tight 9 Liner

Needles on Bar
  • 50 needles per box

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Reviews [78]

Really enjoy this needle for larger pieces that benefit from a super crisp line and the ability to control it with adjusted depth. These, like our tight 7, are tight enough to be very clean yet put in great lines at fast speed. Great ink flow and saturated lines- perfect.

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality

Posted by Kelly M. on Dec 25th 2018

Love these

Best needles and tubes in da worle

Posted by Kristo V. on Dec 20th 2018

These are the best needles I've ever used! 3's come out so clean and sharp lays in those lines like butter and the tubes really make a difference performance wise and super comfortable to use :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Posted by Cecelia E. on Dec 19th 2018

Best liners around, no other company’s quality can compare to these bad boys!


Posted by Earnest J. on Dec 18th 2018

The best around

The Best

Posted by Charles U. on Dec 12th 2018

always the cleanest most consistent lines from these liners..

Y’all changed the recipe just a tad but I’m still here <3

Posted by Wolf C. on Dec 10th 2018

Used to live by those tight 5s but you guys recently made them a litttttttle looser :/ I still got love though.


Posted by Jimmy E. on Dec 10th 2018

These were a really nice surprise, just a hair thicker than the hella tite 4 liners, and equally as stable. Pairs remarkably well with 5 and 7 round lines as do the hella tites

Tight threes rock

Posted by William S. on Dec 10th 2018

I love these tight three's they are super crispy.

Flipping fantastic

Posted by Keith J. on Dec 10th 2018

It’s hard to describe how good these are!! the lines are just so clean, and I was able to go from black to white and 5 colors in between all in the same tube!

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