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Tight 3 Liner

Needles on Bar
  • 50 needles per box

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Great, standard tight 3 style grouping for detail work or for small pieces that need a more classic approach to the work. Not too tight, not too loose. These rock paired with Straight 7 or Straight 9 liners for classic pieces, scales on medium sized work, etc.

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality
Great product

Posted by Scott H. on Dec 2nd 2018

These needles make for amazing liners. They lay in ink like no other, and make for easy consistent lines.


Posted by Ethan B. on Dec 2nd 2018

Best and most consistently made needles in the game. Been using Black Claw for about a year now and love them more every day! Thank you :pray::skin-tone-2:

Perfect as usual!!!

Posted by Frank S. on Dec 2nd 2018

Perfect as usual!!!

Tight liners all day!

Posted by Victoria O. on Dec 2nd 2018

I use tight 5, 7 and 9s on a daily basis. My favorite go-to. Holds lots of ink, goes in smooth and saturated.


Posted by Michael G. on Dec 2nd 2018

But I want them loose and long tapper hollows back in stock;)

Again !!

Posted by Dennis M. on Dec 2nd 2018

The other week i ran out B.C.’s and so did they , i needed some 7’s and 5’s , so i got desperate and ordered some splatsoul needles , FML , those things were like tattooing with a spoon ! luckily B.C. restoked , needless to say i ordered 2 boxes of each from Black Claw , best needles i’ve ever used !!

Love all the products from

Posted by Hien T. on Dec 2nd 2018

Love all the products from Black Claw!Thank You

Tight 5s

Posted by David W. on Dec 2nd 2018

Was looking for a go-to script needle, and these are the ones ! And, of course, I’m now using these for so much more. -At least every other Tattoo. I even had to buy a bunch of extra tips, given I use stainless. Great flow. I feel like these are just a bit smaller than other brands tight 7s. Thanks, y’all.

The best

Posted by Jc H. on Oct 14th 2018

Always my fav!

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