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Straight Liner Collection

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Doing a convention and not sure what amazing Black Claw grouping you'll need? We got it! The shop you're gonna guest spot is still buying needles from the parasitic non-tattooing and non-tattooed ex-whatever professional?! We hear ya- get a few boxes sent to them and have all your favorite groupings at your ready for a minimum cost and maximum convenience. #welovetattooing and we know you do too.

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Straight liner collection

Posted by Stephen N. on Jul 9th 2018

Every needle is precise and smooth. Even the large groupings run effortlessly. I’d be dumb to ever switch back to what I was using after tattooing with black claw.

I love your straight liners.

Posted by Jeffrey B. on Jul 1st 2018

I love your straight liners. To be totally honest I ordered the collection because I think 5s and 7s weren't in stock. I used an 11 for the first time and it was easier to put a line that large in than I expected. I usually don't use a line weight that large, but it was great.

hella tite

Posted by Jack E. on Jun 14th 2018

these needles changed my game. best needles in the business, never turning back

Game changer

Posted by Raul w. on Jun 11th 2018

Imposible to go back to regular needles after using black claw, totally love them

Straight liner collection

Posted by Matthew A. on Jun 3rd 2018

I bought these to try out and loving the 9 and 11s :fire::fire::fire: will buy some more for sure

Straight Liners

Posted by Gray B. on May 30th 2018

These needles are of the highest quality and I can't stop recommending them to my friends in the business. They make perfectly smooth and solid lines.

512 Tattoo Austin Texas.

Posted by Mark T. on May 24th 2018

I really like the collection options Black Claw gives. It allows me to try all the different sizes to determine which are the best ones for me. Best needles hands down and I'm stoked to get alot more. I noticed alot of the collections aren't in stock when I try to buy them though. Which is understandable but dang I need them at times and I'm never going back to any other brand again. Thank you so much for providing the best needles around!!


Posted by Tyler H. on Apr 22nd 2018

These are the best needles available, period.

Love these liners!

Posted by Matt K. on Apr 20th 2018

Bought the variety pack to try on larger pieces and hAve been very happy with the outcome. Super smooth liners with little to no trauma to the skin.

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