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Spread 11 Liner

Needles on Bar
  • Full Pack - 50 needles per box
Other sizes available
Spread 11 Liner

The spread liner we offer is sort of a throwback offering, mimicking how many of us used to take a lighter to a needle on bar and heat the solder at the end of the grouping to pop it open a little, giving you a more spread, larger liner.  I feel there are many advantages to this type of liner over a traditional straight liner. For those of you wanting to make large lines, I find they do good work holding lots of ink and the spread keeps the needles flexing and leaving room to reduce trauma to the skin.  They also work really well for shading, reducing the propensity for needle marks left by traditional liners due to their more dispersed marking pattern.

For me, I find that using them strictly for lining, they work better in a machine set up for larger liners, or even a hybrid type machine; something that has a little longer throw than a typical liner, but still cycles fast- like a machine with shader geometry, but shorty liner coils and a spring set-up that is a little shorter than standard shader.

The Spread 11 makes roughly a 14 line. 

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality
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