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Medium Taper Curved Mag Collection

Needles on Bar

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Doing a convention and not sure what amazing Black Claw grouping you'll need? We got it! The shop you're gonna guest spot is still buying needles from the parasitic non-tattooing and non-tattooed ex-whatever professional?! We hear ya- get a few boxes sent to them and have all your favorite groupings at your ready for a minimum cost and maximum convenience. #welovetattooing and we know you do too.

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality
Best needles on the market

Posted by Chris K. on Jul 16th 2017

I've been using black claw since they first came out and there is no other needle on the market that is as high of quality as these needles. The bars are heavier, the lines are always consistent, and they have they best customer service as well. Also the health department loves to hear that I can show them lab results for the needles. You're tattoos will look better if you use black claw.

Absolute best liners

Posted by Suzanna F. on Jul 10th 2017

These tight liners are the best. Very clean and very solid!

Bad-ass shit

Posted by Robert G. on Jun 13th 2017

Every aspect of these mags are strides beyond anything else youd use. Shipping was fast, bars are solid, great curve, sharp medium taper packs color effortlessly and great packaging too. Stop wasting time and money. Get this shit now.

Medium-taper "curved" mags

Posted by Michael N. on Jun 11th 2017

Exactly what I want. Really just a soft edge on em. Packs as fast as you can.


Posted by Allyz D. on Apr 24th 2017

I loved the product but I wish the numbers of each were more even as opposed to 10 of one size and 5 of another.


Posted by Ben S. on Apr 17th 2017

So far so good, the most solid needles I've ever used. I will be buying much more. please don't ever go anywhere!


Posted by Julian G. on Feb 17th 2017

Absolutely amazing needle collection for the travelling artist or if you are just looking to sample the range of the product. Packs colour beautifully even in those tough squishy skin areas.

I am sold on Black

Posted by Rebekkah O. on Feb 6th 2017

I am sold on Black Claw's medium taper mags. The collections are excellent way to sample and these these medium tapers have reignited my love for B&G.

The best needles on the

Posted by Colby M. on Nov 26th 2016

The best needles on the market. Thanks guys!

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