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Medium Taper 9 Magnum

Needles on Bar
  • 50 needles per box

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Very versatile textured magnum ready to push as much pigment as the skin can take, doing it with ease. Less time in the skin with these means less trauma and faster, brighter heals. Why would you choose another magnum for color when these are clearly the best?

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality

Posted by Kelly M. on Dec 2nd 2018

I love these needled

Needle Wizardry

Posted by Jc H. on Dec 2nd 2018

I haven't had to pull out the fisheye in months! Consistent


Posted by Caleb M. on Dec 2nd 2018


Great company that never lets me down

Posted by Zachary D. on Nov 19th 2018

Best needles I've used.

loving that taper

Posted by Leon m. on Nov 18th 2018

loving that taper

Go to mag

Posted by Chris P. on Nov 14th 2018

Medium taper mags are my go to, always quality saturtation!

The Real Deal

Posted by David N. on Oct 31st 2018

Best mag on the market!

Just Like Home

Posted by Stacy M. on Oct 23rd 2018

I love these mags, exactly how I made mine back in the day. Always on point and beyond reliable. It’s my go to needle combo.

Big daddy whips

Posted by Timothy H. on Oct 21st 2018

Want them whips you see from your favorite tat gods on the gram. Grab them black claw 9 mags and get too whippin

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