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Loose Hybrid Collection

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Doing a convention and not sure what amazing Black Claw grouping you'll need? We got it! The shop you're gonna guest spot is still buying needles from the parasitic non-tattooing and non-tattooed ex-whatever professional?! We hear ya- get a few boxes sent to them and have all your favorite groupings at your ready for a minimum cost and maximum convenience. #welovetattooing and we know you do too.

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality
These are great

Posted by Kyle C. on Sep 6th 2018

I had been using the hollow hybrids until they were unavailable, these are a good substitute. A bit toothier, I like em for bold lining and round shading.

Loved em... wish y’all kept

Posted by Jackson E. on Aug 20th 2018

Loved em... wish y’all kept em in stock.


Posted by Jessica A. on May 20th 2018

These needles are amazing, with loose liners i always worry about the streakys that appear next to your lines and with these needled i dont even have to worry about it !! Love them im never going back

Love Them!!

Posted by Miranda M. on May 15th 2018

The quality is amazing! Worth every penny!

Hella Smooth Bugpin Magnum

Posted by Josue R. on Jan 30th 2018

I recently purchased the Hella Smoth Bugpin Magnum needles (sizes 11 and 13) in order to try them. I can honestly say that those needles are the best ones Ive tried in a long time! They work perfectly for smooth black and gray, but I do a lot of color work too and they work great as well. I can do a lot of clean blendings without causing trauma to the skin.
I also purchased the loose liner collection, love them! They work perfect to "build" lines and also can be used to shade or paint in small areas.
Overall, great products. I'm very happy with them, best needles in the business right now.

Loose liners are my favorite

Posted by Stephanie N. on Dec 22nd 2017

These are so perfect, really great for bolder lines. Little do I find myself having to go back in and do a second pass with these. And the collection has given me the opportunity to figure out which groupings I like best.

Loose liners

Posted by Dominick P. on Dec 21st 2017

Recently bought the loose liners and they’re so solid and smooth. Makes the job so much easier.

Big ol' lines

Posted by Suzanna F. on Dec 16th 2017

These are great! Nice and beefy, good for traditional work.

Well made products

Posted by keith f. on Dec 10th 2017

Great needles for those in between standard sizes.

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