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Long Taper Mag Collection

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Doing a convention and not sure what amazing Black Claw grouping you'll need? We got it! The shop you're gonna guest spot is still buying needles from the parasitic non-tattooing and non-tattooed ex-whatever professional?! We hear ya- get a few boxes sent to them and have all your favorite groupings at your ready for a minimum cost and maximum convenience. #welovetattooing and we know you do too.

Signature 316L steel needles
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long taper 9 mags

Posted by Brian S. on Dec 26th 2018

These needles are my go to for black and grey. large and small scale. less trauma to the skin, especially during those long sessions:+1::fist:️


Posted by Jeff P. on Dec 2nd 2018

Love your needles only ones I will buy thank you.

Great Needle Collection

Posted by Sunny J. on Dec 7th 2017

Great needles!

Make the switch.

Posted by Dustin B. on Aug 10th 2017

Ever wonder why the skin is all red and beat up doing black and grey work? Switch to a long taper and find out what's really up. This collection is what I travel with regularly.


Posted by Thelmo D. on Feb 24th 2017

True high quality needles that are consistent and perform no matter what's thrown at you!! The perfect tattoo needles hands down!


Posted by David S. on Jan 13th 2017

I ordered these because I wanted to try the long taper without actually committing. Honestly, they're great, smooth, every needle consistent. Never had a problem with the packaging. No bunks, none of that. I've used them for color, blacks, greys, no issues there. I only use Black Claw, and there's a reason for that.


Posted by Tony G. on Jan 1st 2017


Long Taper Magnums

Posted by Anthony A. on Nov 17th 2016

Consistent needles with excellent flow, quick color packing and smooth black shading.

The best needles

Posted by Pedro S. on Nov 14th 2016

Very impressed with the quality of the needles, thanks for taking care of the tattoo community!

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