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Medium Taper Hollow 8 Hybrid

  • 50 needles per box
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Now: $39.00

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Outstanding for varying line weight work, and playful coloring of larger areas where a round shader is more efficient and capable of a different look and effects than a magnum. The textured pins are more aggressive than our Straight liners, which help them color so well. These lay a line down that is similar to a straight 11. They are big.

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality
Medium taper hollow 6 needles

Posted by Theodire A. on Nov 26th 2018

Amazing, everything i have come to expect with zero compromises

best tight liners available

Posted by Mike C. on Nov 25th 2018

always happy with these groupings and every other one I have tried!

Perfect as always

Posted by Marcus L. on Nov 11th 2018

The title says it all. I have no complaints whatsoever

Hollow 6 was a good idea

Posted by Benjamin W. on Nov 7th 2018

Hey that particular configuration has been great and doing what I need em to!

You're waiting to hear it from me?

Posted by Douglas M. on Oct 29th 2018

Fine point Sharpie in the form of tattoo needles. 'Nuff said

Med taper hollow hybrid

Posted by Andrew M. on Oct 26th 2018

Pefect for color details, black patterning, coverup wrestling, etc. Another well designed tool by the guys who know.

6 hollow

Posted by James W. on Oct 20th 2018

These needles help to achieve longer blacker lines. The best ever.

Perfect needles

Posted by Tan V. on Oct 10th 2018

Solid, saturated consistent lines. Great for shading as well. These rock.


Posted by Ayala, R. on Oct 4th 2018

Percision made!

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