Black Claw BIO Cartridges Packaging Expiration Date Misprint

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Re: Black Claw BIO Cartridges Packaging Expiration Date Misprint
March 2, 2021


We recently learned that a misprint occurred on the Expiration Date on select Black Claw BIO Cartridges. All cartridges are properly manufactured and sterilized. This is simply a label misprint of the expiration date.

Please find the correct product information for Lot#001 of Black Claw BIO cartridges:

Misprinted Incorrect Information for Lot#001:
Expiration Date listed: 1/30/2021

Expiration Date: 2/07/2024

EO gas sterilization is valid for a period of 3 years from the date of sterilization. Lot#001 was sterilized on February 7th, 2021.  Sterilization ensures customer and client safety and satisfies health department regulations. Please find the complete and verified sterilization report for Lot#001 of Black Claw BIO Cartridges below and available for download.

Download BIO Cartridge Sterilization Certificate Lot#001 PDF
When you receive your Black Claw BIO Cartridges, please check the printed expiration dates. If you find the misprinted, incorrect expiration date, we will be happy to assist you in fixing the issue via one of the following resolution options:

  1. Option 1- Verified Correct Expiration Date Stickers for your BIO Cartridges: Upon request, we will mail you stickers with the correct expiration date to apply to all BIO cartridges you received. We are also happy to provide copies of the sterilization reports and certification of the correct expiration dates as needed. Please email to request stickers and/or copies of the reports for your BIO cartridge order.
  2. Option 2- Full Return & Refund: We are happy to offer a full return and refund of your BIO Cartridge order if you received products with the misprinted expiration date and do not feel comfortable using them. Please email to request a full refund and shipping labels to return your BIO Cartridge boxes.
  3. Option 3- Replacement BIO Cartridge Boxes: We are in process of manufacturing new boxes of BIO Cartridges and will have replacement boxes available in approximately 6-8 weeks. If you would like to request a replacement box of BIO Cartridges with the correct expiration dates once available, please email to make your request. We will provide you with return shipping labels for your current order and send replacement boxes once they arrive in 6-8 weeks.

Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this misprint may have created. If you have any additional questions regarding your BIO Cartridge order, please contact us at

Download BIO Cartridge Sterilization Certificate Lot#001 PDF